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Rifles, Carrots and Berries

Was going to explore the sore theme of the  arms trade black market and its effects, which i think are exclusively negative. In particular, how some western countries are earning dirty money from the trade of military equipment with regimes which it appears then use those arms (indirectly or otherwise) for the violent repression of … Continue reading

Re-invent the wheel or Learning from Past successes.

Steve Jobs didn’t invent Mp3 players. He wasn’t the first to make them, nor were they his seminal idea. In fact it is probably fair to say that we will never know the credible inventors of MP3 players, besides what links such as these tell us. Yet upon the man’s death in October 2011, his … Continue reading

Wrongest endest of the stickest 2- Ed Milliband

According to Ed Milliband ( here ), train companies are “overcharging” people and energy companies are “ripping them off”. Thats hardly news is it, when the duo have been doing pretty much that for close to 20 years now. And what’s more troubling is the solution Ed proposes:- “We are going to take on interests, … Continue reading


Possibly originating in India during the Mauryan period,  cheques are a type of  bill exchange system that have been widely used in almost all modern economies. Apparently, a form of cheques known as praescriptiones were used by ancient Romans. Yet, a couple of months ago it was ordinary news that cheques were to be abolished … Continue reading

Soutenir l’industrie à domicile: why French police do not buy British cars (No. 2)

<continued from previous post below> The master was still trying to nail his point home. “Imagine being invited by the CEO of Sony Corporation, Sir Howard Stringer, say as a guest of honor at a summer garden party he is hosting at his home in Oxfordshire, and after all the tittle-tattle, handshakes, hugs and kisses … Continue reading

Soutenir l’industrie à domicile: why French police do not buy British cars

“Don’t get me wrong”  cautioned Syme  ” I know there are many bright Irish guys out there, but  this Uncle of mine who is now 52 once asked me why it was  that a whole bunch of Irish blokes are much more comfortable with a shovel, clearing muck than using their brains to make money?” … Continue reading

In response to everyone (including a yahoo blogger) who said Lord Sugar hired the wrong apprentice

He (the blogger) doesn’t know much about business. Here’s a crash course that won’t trouble his simple mind too much. (1) Find product that has a market potential -> dislike product . (2) Come up with variant -> improve and simplify product. (3) Give consumers an opportunity to test/taste -> get feedback. (4) More improvements. … Continue reading


There’s something about Australians that seems just over the top, and I’m not talking drink here. Neither I’m I referring to crazy numpties who post jackass style videos on you-tube. As an example, think of the Royal Albert Hall, a unique architectural masterpiece that took  years to build. Seventy years later, the Aussies began to … Continue reading

Leadership – rebranding Africa

“Helping Africa develop, and support itself in my view is extremely easy, extremely easy… and its such a surprise that there is nobody smart enough to do it yet, bothered enough to address it, yet. They claim to have degrees from Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge,  MIT, Insead..etc ..the list goes on, but look at their … Continue reading


I have not been able to find a suitable picture for this post, so i will post it without a photo…hang on, i just found one! The catalytic converter is the piece of the exhaust that is located in front of the muffler where pollutants from the engine are converted to normal gases. Converters are … Continue reading