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Return from the Dead: of Mammoths, Tasmanian tigers and dinosaurs

Remember my post here about the practice of hunting what may soon be endangered species? Well, one blogger disagrees. He suggests that if the species become extinct, maybe we can  bring them back using advanced cloning techniques(i.e. by say the Roslin technique)? I’m not a biologist 😐 and I don’t know anywhere near enough about … Continue reading

Rifles, Carrots and Berries

Was going to explore the sore theme of the  arms trade black market and its effects, which i think are exclusively negative. In particular, how some western countries are earning dirty money from the trade of military equipment with regimes which it appears then use those arms (indirectly or otherwise) for the violent repression of … Continue reading

Science vs Anti-science

Its interesting when one finds themselves a minority (well, actually worse than that; I was alone) in a community where most of the people can be described as either: (1) Closed minded, and / or (2) Of a certain bias, and ‘exceptional’ at shielding the holes in their arguments. Yesterday I found myself at the … Continue reading