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War Criminal

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I stand on a lofty tower of self-justification regarding the below. Or maybe it’s within a glass bubble? Else it has to be on a pedestal that is a step closer to the profound peace of mind that is acquired with moksha. But whichever it is, I don’t really care this very moment. Maybe I will … Continue reading


My friend recently suggested that I should run for public office??? “That my speech and writings hint of a soul that had got the deeper gist of it”  Unless there was some kind of humour intended in the context of her statements, or unless it was mere flattery, I couldn’t disagree with her more. Putting … Continue reading

Plutocracy: Self flagellation and cash blackholes

The bullshit train has returned to town, and this time its fuller of dung than ever before. Three days ago saw Lord Justice Leveson publish his report following the public inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press. At over 1900 pages long, 470 witnesses interviewed and evidence from 135 different organisations, … Continue reading


Dated 2007, titled “4rchitects” ?? Not much of a clue what was going on here, except it most certainly involves money, the star of David, Palestine, a dark skinned arm, several daggers,  a barrel, what looks like a missile, another arm with what looks like a Chinese inscription and an Arab looking guy ?? Oh, … Continue reading

Mountains out of molehills

So, the ranks of the scoffers are at it again. This time the victim at the sorry end of an onslaught of hate and what appears to be none other than raw jealousy disguised as concern, is a Mid-Bedfordshire MP named Nadine Dorries. An outspoken former nurse, unpopular with the prime minister, and who is … Continue reading

7 Critical Qualities of Effective Political Leadership: Thrifty ducks and social workers

Most people don’t know that Scrooge McDuck is Disney‘s highest grossing fictional character. The Scottish anthropomorphic duck created in 1947 by Carl Barks and whose IP is licensed to Disney has been such a hit for Disney it has outgrossed  the next competitor (in the form of Carlisle Cullen) by a massive US$7.9 billion margin. But … Continue reading


Still alive. And well. Plenty of interesting things to blog (and brag) about, but not enough time around the clock. And life frequently takes over the driving seat. Which is not always fun, unless you are sipping on something nice, and in the company of someone nicer. Both of which I do not often have … Continue reading

7 Reasons Why World War III is probably around the corner. And how we can stop it.

I am neither a Marxist nor a Socialist. I couldn’t be an Anarchist because I believe there is plenty of good in having an orderly hierarchical society where authority and boundaries are respected. I work for Capitalists (and to a large extent, I  am one), and  enjoy what I do. Couldn’t dream of doing anything … Continue reading

The eye of the storm – date rape.

Quite offended by the whole George Galloway‘s Julian Assange Rape Comments. I like both chaps, but how could Galloway say that and expect to get away with it? Yes, he’s entitled to an opinion (we all are), but he’s an MP, a leader who you would think should have a higher moral conviction, or at … Continue reading