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Saudi Arabia! Now that’s a country worth a blog post on don’t you think? Although probably not for the reasons you might expect. Especially since a lot of things you read or hear about Saudi Arabia in Britain, are negative… So, I’m going to break with the ranks again here, and go rogue. And the … Continue reading

SCOTLAND, why destroy an age old institution? …ENGLAND, why the Selfishness?

When you can build on its past successes or rectify the short-comings of a thing, to make it better, more efficient, quicker, etc, why would you destroy it, and start all over again? The noise is deafening, I’m sure we’ve all heard it by now: ‘Scotland must be free’ they say, ‘Scotland deserves more’ they … Continue reading

Restrained Criticsm

Although it’s easy to guess, I still find myself wondering what the government’s response to this was? You know what’s interesting, records never lie. Things happen, voices are heard, those voices are recorded, on Camera or otherwise. Then the records seemingly disappear. But they are still there. Lingering, waiting for the opportune moment, to be … Continue reading

What Obama didn’t say

Beware when politicians or military men in one country begin preaching liberation of another. Something curious is about to happen. Whether this rhetoric is in regards Ukraine, Syria, Iraq or indeed any other country, often something curious will soon follow. This article on The New Yorker says it all, and I wouldn’t have put it … Continue reading

Who’s more dangerous…

I’m enjoying some of the videos I’ve recently stumbled across. Never mind the maker, who I understand may not be to the tastes of everyone. But he has some interesting things to say. Priceless.

Stop the Terrorism against innocent Jews. Stop the Attacks

Only a headless imbecile will even think of associating an innocent Jewish person living in Europe or indeed anywhere else) with the Israeli government. I’m sick of hearing about these attacks on innocent Jews. The people responsible must be severely punished. Just because someone is a Jew does  not mean that they are responsible for … Continue reading

Tick tock tick tock

Remember my post here? The one about how the failure to integrate Muslims into society in the UK was a time bomb? Well, look at this. Islamists handing out leaflets that are essentially a Jihadi call to Muslims to go to Iraq and join a bunch of terrorists. Recruiting on british soil, openly, in London?? … Continue reading

George Galloway MP speech – The Crisis Of Palestine

The world is going mad its disgusting. Everywhere you look, there’s nonsense. Acts that make absolutely no sense. I’m surprised with the response of the world to the atrocities happening in Gaza…dumbfounded. If this had been a rogue European country bullying another ‘country’, the hawks would have come out in hordes. If a country targets … Continue reading

Double Deception

At the heart of the Scottish independence debate is an issue which sadly most commentators are not talking about: fairness. (for the uninitiated, see  this – which is pro-independence, and this / that – which are anti-independence links. If you have a bit more time, these two links here are also informative : via Guardian; … Continue reading

Prisoners to Fools

Some things are just so upsetting and thoroughly violating you just don’t know what to make of them… except perhaps to withdraw into a cocoon, and realise just how the world you see is in fact far from the real world. Because whatever you do, or do not do, you can’t undo the violation. Not … Continue reading