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Double Deception

At the heart of the Scottish independence debate is an issue which sadly most commentators are not talking about: fairness. (for the uninitiated, see  this – which is pro-independence, and this / that – which are anti-independence links. If you have a bit more time, these two links here are also informative : via Guardian; … Continue reading

the majority

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My friend recently suggested that I should run for public office??? “That my speech and writings hint of a soul that had got the deeper gist of it”  Unless there was some kind of humour intended in the context of her statements, or unless it was mere flattery, I couldn’t disagree with her more. Putting … Continue reading

Worry about you

Should I worry about you? When you’ve never shared my burdens. Nor carried my concerns. Will I be troubled by you? When you’ve never ceased to harrass my friends, Even when they did you no wrong. Your fingerprints are all over their afflictions Your hands are marred by their blood Undeniably the architect of 90% … Continue reading

A confluence of visions

Remember my post titled Soutenir l’industrie à domicile: why French police do not buy British cars (No. 2) , on which I argued rather passionately (I think) that the common practice of UK residents holidaying abroad may be bad for the uK economy in the long run? Well, you see, someone else appears to agree (read the … Continue reading

Don’t mind them – they wouldn’t survive any of this.

A few days ago, I read a real life story about a man whom out of no fault of his own lost everything he ever had. He was dismissed from his job and became the subject of criminal legal proceedings by his employers, so he couldn’t find another job. His house was repossessed and he … Continue reading