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Quirky footwear

We can’t do without them. Not unless you are a bushman in the kalahari. They are one of those necessities you can really do some messy thing with, if you are creative. While you can’t really do much with shorts or pants, both of which just hang’s there, with shoes … you can go absolutely … Continue reading

the innovator’s dilema

Have you ever met people who have got an eye for identifying a problem and proposing a practical and workable solution to that problem? Not just one or two, or three problems, tens of problems! Innovators, some would say, can see how certain changes to certain things can improve those things for the better. Even … Continue reading

Share the Love

Apparently, its more  popular than you may first think and according to this article, its on the rise. Unrelated singles and / or couples living together in large ‘communal families’  (these range from intentional communities, Eco-villages, group marriages   to co-ops, ashrams, co-housing groups and survivalist and radical religious colonies) where tasks from cleaning, cooking, taking … Continue reading

Rifles, Carrots and Berries

Was going to explore the sore theme of the  arms trade black market and its effects, which i think are exclusively negative. In particular, how some western countries are earning dirty money from the trade of military equipment with regimes which it appears then use those arms (indirectly or otherwise) for the violent repression of … Continue reading

Pioneered in Britain 3

” Setting oneself on a predetermined course in unknown waters is the perfect way to sail straight into an iceberg.” – Henry Mintzberg With the benefit of historical hindsight, humans can see things that should never have happened, or should have happened differently. This is true in almost all settings such that without the benefit … Continue reading

Clean energy

The master likes his shopping. So in tune is he with fashion that he will drive hundreds of miles, or endure endless hours on trains, or flights halfway across the globe just to get to the latest craze, be it a fashion show or otherwise.  It doesn’t always go to plan, and many  times he’s … Continue reading

Compare the meerkat

I have to say the chaps who designed the compare the market / meerkat adverts deserve tons of credit, for their spark of genius to come up with such legendary commercials that are not only funny, but extremely effective. Its no wonder at all that they’ve won a good number of awards (2, 3) along … Continue reading

Fixing Britain’s Economic Woes 2

Further to my earlier posts here and here, it was a breath of fresh air to watch the BBC 2‘s TV show , The Town Taking on China,  reviewed somewhat unfairly on the telegraph here. I’m not in the least bit impressed by the efforts of this single cushion factory. Not really, and its not … Continue reading