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Can Organic Food feed the world?

Enough of blogging on issues that are of no immediate importance to human survival. Enough of blogging about people who want to be wives or girlfriends. Enough blogging about clueless politicians and angry humans who become terrorists. What about a post on an issue that truly matters? Such as whether organic food is capable of … Continue reading

Tesco’s Austerity Cost saving Program – Internal Memo – For Management Only

Dear Colleagues, Below please find results from of our most recent cost savings emergency brainstorm, which recently took place at headquarters in Cheshunt. Any contributions or thoughts on these prospective “meats” would be most welcome: As you can see, we are quite prepared for the hard times ahead. So, in summary, since the glorious days … Continue reading

Fruit Art

I find it inspirational when everyday objects or things are arranged in an unusual but interesting way to create new lifeforms of art, music, poetry, etc. This looks like art , made from real fruit, and shells,  a crab and other bits. Exquisite, evocative. Related articles Sun, Arts, Fresh Fruit/Veggies & More at Des Moines … Continue reading

weight watchers waist watchers

The title of this post is probably an apostrophe away to actually making grammatical sense, if it doesn’t already do so. Think about it, if I say ” weight watchers’ waist watchers”, ( for a moment try and blank out the acquired / secondary meanings these words have in society, in preference to the ordinary … Continue reading

Zombie Deep Clean – The Head Chef’s Wrath

Matt/ Dan 78% is a very poor result for today’s kitchen health check. There are serious cleaning issues which have to be addressed. No core temperature records have been completed for Monday. If you were to have a EHO inspection, and the unit has been warned they are currently doing the rounds, you would have … Continue reading


Do you still have your old cookery books? If you do, I think one of these days you ought to take a good look at them again. I’m not talking baking books, but rather those that have recipes for dishes other than cakes, scones or biscuits. Recently I found myself browsing through one i still … Continue reading