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Don’t get me started on the Royal Mail

Don’t get me started on the Royal Mail I could talk about the disastrous IPO and how the tax payer was fleeced in broad day light. Or I could rant about the cuts to services, which in some areas has left a poor service. I could talk about the lost or undelivered post, and post … Continue reading

Human traffickin, Dog trafficking, Rhino poaching @ Kruger …

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Return from the Dead: of Mammoths, Tasmanian tigers and dinosaurs

Remember my post here about the practice of hunting what may soon be endangered species? Well, one blogger disagrees. He suggests that if the species become extinct, maybe we can  bring them back using advanced cloning techniques(i.e. by say the Roslin technique)? I’m not a biologist 😐 and I don’t know anywhere near enough about … Continue reading

Thirst for a kill

I like the idea of guns and that of a shooting range. If I am disposed to be wealthy, I’ll be mindful to own a ranch where clay pigeon (or bred quail) shooting facilities will be a feature. Mark my words. But what I just don’t understand is when seemingly normal people travel thousands of … Continue reading