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Pioneered in Britain 3

” Setting oneself on a predetermined course in unknown waters is the perfect way to sail straight into an iceberg.” – Henry Mintzberg With the benefit of historical hindsight, humans can see things that should never have happened, or should have happened differently. This is true in almost all settings such that without the benefit … Continue reading

Clean energy

The master likes his shopping. So in tune is he with fashion that he will drive hundreds of miles, or endure endless hours on trains, or flights halfway across the globe just to get to the latest craze, be it a fashion show or otherwise.  It doesn’t always go to plan, and many  times he’s … Continue reading

Green Fuel

I’m a proponent of  free market and regard most(not all) of those  who call for justice and fairness suspiciously because frankly, besides implementing a form of neo-socialism, flaws in humanity itself  means that it is generally not possible to have fairness, in certain circumstances,  without “disadvantaging” one group or another. The concept of “Fairness” and … Continue reading


I have not been able to find a suitable picture for this post, so i will post it without a photo…hang on, i just found one! The catalytic converter is the piece of the exhaust that is located in front of the muffler where pollutants from the engine are converted to normal gases. Converters are … Continue reading