This WAS a blog commentary about various things of personal interest to the author. It began as a fictional dog talking about his master’s interests including IP, but morphed into something completely different. The most recent About page went as follows:

**** Disclaimer:Fiction – 16yrs and over only ***

Hi I’m Gnstr ( pronounced “ginstra”), the eager rottweiler!

And together with my owner and his two colleagues, we will attempt to explore a number of topics that I think others coyly shun. This will be more for the benefit of lanky Simon, the geek next door, than anyone else. Hopefully, we will bridge the ever expanding gap between legal-political gibberish and laymen speak (which is what Syme understands).

Maybe one day this blog will serve a useful purpose of providing alternative commentary,  exciting debate, and challenge existing and questionable norms on discussions regarding life and everything that your mind craves to comment on but which you sometimes can’t, for all sorts of reasons including a fear of sounding politically incorrect.

Please, feel free to disagree with me (or the three of them) anywhere here – i disagree with myself several times each day anyway, so I probably won’t be terribly offended.

Since my master is too preoccupied with chasing the wind,  he doesn’t notice me fumbling with his books, fiddling about the computer, doing the tweets, posts on blogs and generally everything of second nature. But,  although I don’t bite (not usually anyway,unless someone calls me a dog, ), don’t you try and step on my paws.

A bit about my owner, who we will refer to as the “master” or “he whose name must not be uttered”.

He’s a legal scholar  (thankfully not an academic), and thinks he was born in a free Country, and that apparently we live in one.

But I’m not too sure about both claims, more so the second bit (so long as I’m constantly kept on a leash each time we go out).  Aged about 30 , black hair, brown eyes, but looks 25ish, as a result of what I call a sneaky addiction to Smoothies, Strawberries, Salmon and Tiramisu. As maverick as they come and insanely opinionated, in everyday life, I think he’s a likable guy, whose only claim to destruction is cooking burnt food. I hate him when he does that while preparing my dinner, makes the damn things taste like cardboard!

Although I wouldn’t  attack him, not just yet. Firstly, he is one creative cook [the times he manages not to burn anything], but even if he were lousy, come to think of it, dog shelters are rarely cosy these days, however progressive they claim to be.

Almost all are operating at full capacity anyway, as numbers of unwanted dogs have shot through the roof. So if I bit him, it would only be suicidal  and would have to be put down.

The blog has been discontinued due to other commitments.



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