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Slippery Bond

It’s not a laughing matter that security officials behave like baddies straight out of James Bond.

But I wonder; do you think there is a chance that some officials in the security agencies in Britain are secretly pleased when their US counterparts get their underwear in a twist within what is clearly illegal deeds international law prohibits them from doing?

Before the Scandal

“Yankee 123, Greenfly Iraq 25, zulu 0300, fully behind. Awaiting debriefing report. Out” (Aside and far from any recording device – Let them get on with it, do whatever they need to do to get information from the suspects, after all its a classified operation, their facility doesn’t exist, so highly unlikely that anybody will ever find out. And in any case, somebody has got to get it done. Good job)

The Transportation

“Yankee 123, Squaddies and Bootnecks on alert, assistance ready. Destination Charleston AFB. Jumping, but how high? Out.” (Aside: Let’s fly the ‘cargo’ to Gitmo, as usual no record of our involvement, or of the exact nature of our ‘cargo’ on any documents – if anybody asks it’s a routine military flight)

After it all blows apart

Memo in the lines of:

…In view of our special relationship, we should be grateful if certain minor changes are made to the draft investigation report on the Agency. In particular, We are certain of your appreciation that it is  critical (in as far as international security is concerned) for …. and …. and ……….. ….. …..  to be redacted from the final Investigation report, before the report is made public.

As you know, such sensitive information could be mistaken for being inflammatory and minimally will only play into the hands of extremist groups, making your job and our job  more difficult if not somewhat impossible.

Please confirm when the changes have been made. ….

You hear of top US secret service oficials resigning, but their UK counterparts are either so slippery, you can’t easily pin anything on them, or they really are that good at covering their tracks.




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