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Criminal Rackets of the other world

prsnr-handcuffsThe firm would have drugs planted on someone or have someone try to buy drugs. The press would be in on the act. The papers got an exclusive, the cops got an arrest and everyone, including Southern, was paid for their trouble….”

Really? Yes, really.

It happens, all around, every year, somewhere. Currently, this moment, something very similar is either happening, or has just happened. Innocent people subjected to torturous ordeals, entrapped, made into criminals (‘incriminated’ is not weighty enough here), by a racket of dodgy cops, slippery newspapers, rogue private investigators and other slimy characters. For no real reason, other than vindictiveness, malice, jealousy, power, greed/money and other evils.

All that we know, most of us anyway. But what about the ‘going ons’ that we do not yet know…or rather that we can’t easily see, or more specifically, that we can’t see with our eyes? But which, similarly, are incriminating or attempting to incriminate people who are somewhat innocent? Who have done no wrong…



Beware, because trouble, deep trouble, looms all around.



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