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Last letter of soldier Tomas Young paralyzed in the Bush-Blair war on Iraq

Last letter of soldier Tomas Young paralyzed in the Bush-Blair war on Iraq via STOP THE WAR COALITION

If you have never experienced any real trauma in your life, in your family, it’s almost impossible to understand what this family went through. In my view , you can’t fully sympathise or appreciate what this man and his family has had to endure.

I feel for his wife and family…what a criminal waste of a young life. The actions of the US and Britain in Iraq were inexcusable and unjustifiable …

It was little more than a display of imperialism and greed. Evil men bent on acquiring wealth and money at any cost, at the expense of young American and British lives, bent on safeguarding the status quo, the hegemony and their prejudiced and archaic views – views which led to death, pain and destruction and have no place in the modern world.

I’ll say this again. I didn’t like Saddam Hussein. But if he were left to his own devices, and if his regime was gently coerced to turn back from its wicked ways and embrace inclusiveness, with diplomacy not bombs, I doubt we would have ISIS and the evil that has spawned. I very much doubt that Iraq would be in the turmoil it currently is.

So, why, you wonder, should the Iranians believe anything the Americans or British says, after that episode, and the long term effects its had…?

Would you believe people who had done such a thing if the roles had been reversed?



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