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What Obama didn’t say


Beware when politicians or military men in one country begin preaching liberation of another. Something curious is about to happen. Whether this rhetoric is in regards Ukraine, Syria, Iraq or indeed any other country, often something curious will soon follow. This article on The New Yorker says it all, and I wouldn’t have put it any better myself. And in case you forgot, I did warn about these wars, here and here , over 3 years ago…

A couple of snippets from the article on the New Yorker are worth the trouble:-

“Obama and his spinners were adamant that this won’t be like those old wars of ours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rather, Obama said, his model this time was our largely clandestine campaigns of air strikes in Yemen and Somalia. That was hardly reassuring. Yemen and Somalia are broken, violent realms wracked by war, and with no end to those wars in sight, it is bewildering that Obama could hope to win the hearts and minds of Iraqis and Syrians by using these examples. In any case, he acknowledged that his war can’t be won from the air. For that, he said, we will depend on the very Iraqi and Syrian fighters who he has said in the past can’t be relied on.”

“The President never mentioned Libya. That was the last time he attempted to wage a war on the spur of the moment, getting into it, at first, as a rescue mission to prevent a predicted massacre, then escalating fast and hard—but remaining always in the air—in support of rebel ground forces whom we barely knew, and whom we understood even less, with no clear end but total regime change, and with no commitment whatever beyond the first rush of the revolution. That war then spilled over into Mali, and turned inward in Libya, so that today the country is an absolute catastrophe—far worse off than when NATO joined its troubles, with Tripoli in the hands of forces much like ISIS.”

I’d go further and include the reasons in the following video:-



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