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Stop the Terrorism against innocent Jews. Stop the Attacks

Only a headless imbecile will even think of associating an innocent Jewish person living in Europe or indeed anywhere else) with the Israeli government.

I’m sick of hearing about these attacks on innocent Jews. The people responsible must be severely punished. Just because someone is a Jew does  not mean that they are responsible for Israels hostility towards the Palestinian territories. Suggesting so is the same as saying David Cameron is responsible for the behaviour of the British terrorist who beheaded James Foley. It’s a nonsensical and absurd suggestion.

Here, I agree with the politicians. In my view those who are attacking innocent Jews across the world must be apprehended and punished. These are the kinds of people who give excuses to neo-nazis. The law must catch up with them, and this must be a priority. These terrorists must be imprisoned. If it were up to me, I’d lock them up for 10 years +, fair and square.

Terrorism will not be defeated if these kinds of actions are tolerated. You may live in a free country, but your ‘freedom’ does not extend to what is clearly terrorism. It can never be right for innocent people to be victimized because of the behaviour of the government of the country they come from. Israel didn’t send these people to Europe. They are not ambassadors of the jewish state, but even if they were, they are not responsible for Israels behavior. They are innocent people trying to live their lives, and they must be left alone.

I may not agree with the heavy-handed and militaristic behaviour of Israel – the deaths they have caused in gaza, I may not be a fan of Hamas – which clearly is  a provocative and sneaky organisation (think humans shields etc) but that doesn’t give me a licence to attack innocent people. It never will.



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