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Nigella Sativa

That sounds like a name you’d say again and again isn’t it. Nigella…! Sativa…! And if you try it in different accents, sounds even better… Nigella…! Sativa…! Anyway, these squabbles have become quite common these days, to the point I find it uninteresting to even comment. It’s one thing attempting to protect a naturally occurring … Continue reading

No1 reason why business and the manufacturing /industrial sectors in the UK have suffered in recent years

” OK, you might say, but this has always been going on. But it hasn’t. This sort of utterly amoral screw-everyone capitalism has become much more prevalent in the last 15 years. Our financial elite is now totally out of control. They learned nothing from the crisis, except that the rest of us were stupid … Continue reading

SCOTLAND, why destroy an age old institution? …ENGLAND, why the Selfishness?

When you can build on its past successes or rectify the short-comings of a thing, to make it better, more efficient, quicker, etc, why would you destroy it, and start all over again? The noise is deafening, I’m sure we’ve all heard it by now: ‘Scotland must be free’ they say, ‘Scotland deserves more’ they … Continue reading

Restrained Criticsm

Although it’s easy to guess, I still find myself wondering what the government’s response to this was? You know what’s interesting, records never lie. Things happen, voices are heard, those voices are recorded, on Camera or otherwise. Then the records seemingly disappear. But they are still there. Lingering, waiting for the opportune moment, to be … Continue reading

BBC reporter caught red-handed manipulating video in Scottish indy campaign

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:
(not satire – it’s the BBC!) Even a hardened old cynic like me is a little bit shocked by this. The BBC’s Political Editor Nick Robinson edited out an answer by Alex Salmond and told viewers the Scottish First Minister didn’t answer his question: But Mr Salmond did answer…

What Obama didn’t say

Beware when politicians or military men in one country begin preaching liberation of another. Something curious is about to happen. Whether this rhetoric is in regards Ukraine, Syria, Iraq or indeed any other country, often something curious will soon follow. This article on The New Yorker says it all, and I wouldn’t have put it … Continue reading

Is it antisemitic to boycott Israeli goods because of Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza?

Is it antisemitic to boycott Israeli goods because of Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza? Always good when common sense triumphs over idiocy. Oh, and wait, aren’t Palestinians semitic people?

Who’s more dangerous…

I’m enjoying some of the videos I’ve recently stumbled across. Never mind the maker, who I understand may not be to the tastes of everyone. But he has some interesting things to say. Priceless.

Stop the Terrorism against innocent Jews. Stop the Attacks

Only a headless imbecile will even think of associating an innocent Jewish person living in Europe or indeed anywhere else) with the Israeli government. I’m sick of hearing about these attacks on innocent Jews. The people responsible must be severely punished. Just because someone is a Jew does  not mean that they are responsible for … Continue reading

Is Fox News Worse Than ISIS ?

Quite Possibly. From the few times I’ve endured listening to some of their presenters, I wouldnt help but think just how unreal the whole thing was. Unbelievably embicilic opinions devoid of any truth whatsoever… misinformation. 11 facts that explain the escalating crisis in Iraq Would Iraq be more stable under Saddam Hussein?