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Don’t get me started on the Royal Mail

RMDon’t get me started on the Royal Mail

I could talk about the disastrous IPO and how the tax payer was fleeced in broad day light. Or I could rant about the cuts to services, which in some areas has left a poor service. I could talk about the lost or undelivered post, and post which is tampered with – for no apparent reason. I could talk about the stupid internal systems, or the strikes… l could even talk about the scrapping of bicycles.

But I’m not going to talk about any of that inflammatory stuff. Instead I’ll focus on much simpler matters

Why do Royal Mail Post folk leave rubber bands lying around while doing their mail rounds?

If you do not know this, take a walk in your neighbourhood around 10 -11 am, taking note of the ground, neighbours porches, or even pavements leading to the front doors. What seeth thou?

Rubber bands! Lots and lots of rubber bands!

What is the real the cost of all those rubber bands, not only to Royal Mail but also to the environment? Does anyone know, has anyone asked?

Why don’t the Royal Mail recycle them? And here I know they don’t recycle them because yesterday, I asked a post man about whether they buy them or not, and he said “Yes, we do get a big box in every now and then.” which to me sounds like the company still buys rubber bands for use by 150,000 workers! If we do some simple speculative maths, whereby we assume that an average post man uses 15 rubber bands a day (its likely to be  more than this), for 6 days – excluding Sunday; well that’s a total of 13.5 million rubber bands a week!

I wonder how much Royal Mail is currently spending on buying all those rubber bands? The beeb here revealed that they had spent £5 million during the period 2006 to 2011. But are they still spening that much? Surely they should be doing more recycling of used rubber bands (and the company that supplies them could invest into recycling, couldn’t they??). Or better  the Royal Mail could use bands which are easily biodegradable (not all rubber bands are easily biodegradable)? In an age where Amazon reigns, and is openly squeezing many businesses, cost-cutting has got to take a pre-eminence over other concerns? Especially for an organisation that has been at the receiving end of so much criticsm over its decision making in recent years.

Wouldn’t such save them money, let alone be less taxing to the environment? I think it would. Why shouldnt it?

Well, if the Chief Costs Officer (or whatever the cost-cutting chap’s title is) of the Royal mail is listening, here’s a smashing tip.

Do something about those rubber bands, which your postmen/women leave lying around our neighbourhoods.




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