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Don’t get me started on the Royal Mail

Don’t get me started on the Royal Mail I could talk about the disastrous IPO and how the tax payer was fleeced in broad day light. Or I could rant about the cuts to services, which in some areas has left a poor service. I could talk about the lost or undelivered post, and post … Continue reading

Tick tock tick tock

Remember my post here? The one about how the failure to integrate Muslims into society in the UK was a time bomb? Well, look at this. Islamists handing out leaflets that are essentially a Jihadi call to Muslims to go to Iraq and join a bunch of terrorists. Recruiting on british soil, openly, in London?? … Continue reading

Are letting agents breaking the law on fees?

Are letting agents breaking the law on fees? It’s good to hear others ask what is clearly an important question. Finally someone’s fighting the tenant’s corner. Shouldn’t any responsible government be looking into this? I wonder, where letting agents fit in on the government priority list? The one which probably includes Pedogate, Car-Insurancegate (this is … Continue reading


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