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Its been 5 years

Yeah, time flies, it does, doesn’t it? For those who have been paying attention, thank you for paying attention. Hope my writings have made some sense or been useful in some way… for those who haven’t been paying attention, you’ve missed out  🙂

Thankfully, through blogging, I’ve learned a lot, encountered hundreds of views, sharpened my style, I’ve been inspired by other bloggers, grown in a literary sense, I can confidently say I’m now a seasoned blogmaster. Without a doubt a much better writer (according not only to me) than I was five years ago.

But suppose I was asked to give some pointers to others beginning their trek on this interesting path, what would I say? Well, probably something that sounds like this:

(1) Decide who you are writing for, then write / blog from the heart. Don’t try to be someone else. Be yourself. Depending on the circumstances (i.e. if you are writing for yourself or others), don’t worry if it doesn’t make too much sense to everybody, as long as it makes much sense to you or your target audience.

(2) Re-write your stuff as many times as you have the time to do so. Edit. Re-edit, then Re-edit some more. Reach out for excellence, don’t settle for second best, improve – whatever you want to call it, just try to make your posts better today than they were yesterday. Best way to do this, read it out loud. And make sure it maintains its flow when read out loudly.

(3) Listen to what others are saying, and never miss a chance for a great post. Goes without mention, but inspiration can come from all sorts of places. As an example, see this here which was totally random.

(4) Don’t worry if you sometimes sound rusty. In fact, leave your rusty posts intact (don’t delete them) because in future they will show you just how far you’ve come. Also, don’t take yourself, or others too seriously…

(5) Don’t be afraid to bend, or remake the rules, don’t be afraid to shock. There is no requirements whatsoever to tread a populist or agreeable line. Blogging can be about liberation and empowerment. It can be therapeutic, a business, or even just an interest to pass time. It can be about interpreting your worldview or supporting a cause, whatever it is for you, don’t let ‘convention’ spoil it all. Your WordPress blog is your little small world, a safe fortress, and you are the governor. Go wild with it.



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