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So a lot has happened since my last blog post. And although I’d like to explore all or most of what’s occured, I think most of us are quite tired (I’m convinced it’s not only me)

Having said that, by far the most significant development was the death of Nelson Mandela…many kind words have been said in his honour, and countless tributes paid. Probably more tributes than has ever occurred in the history of mankind. Certainly in my lifetime.

Before that, we heard that Paul Walker also had gone, car accident…a great talent, a great life, lost to crashed metal, and fire, caused by petroleum.

In the same week, or thereabout a helicopter crash caused the death of 8 (or is it 9 / 10) people in Scotland. Families wrecked, sadness and deep pain…to last many years…..the excruciating pain which flags flying at half mast can never express….

I know that pain. I’m quite familiar with it. I also know that before I depart from this planet, I’ll feel it at least one final time.

This is beginning to sound like a report on recent deaths…so I’ll stop there.
This life, so fickle, this breath so weak.



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