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Brewing Trouble: Muslim unemployment

Go on, crucify them. Nail them to a cross, don’t ask any more questions, what are you waiting for, just nail them will you. And here’s an idea: to save costs (we’re in austerity remember?), use one cross for the two of them. The court has spoken, they are guilty. What more do you need – crucify them!?

But… wait a minute, isn’t there a problem somewhere?

I don’t know., the whole thing just ….doesn’t look right. Something just doesn’t add up…

why, I wonder are there just sooo many unemployed muslims in Britain?

Because nobody is asking that question, maybe I’ll ask it. Because nobody is looking for the solution, maybe I’ll look for one? Does anybody even care about diffusing what could end up being an extremely dangerous situation? A time bomb?

Occasionally I frequent alleys of places which my kind are not exactly expected to be. During these times, I’m incognito, I don’t exist. What I find can be intriguing (at least to me). I find hate, raw and bitter, in its green unpeeled, unripe skin. Unpleasant to the tastes. I find malice, diced or chopped.  I find apathy, without direction and rather confused.  I find bondage, in brainwashed and in deceitful chains. I find greed, simmering or boiling, but recogniable as such. And sometimes (not all times, just sometimes), I find lust.

If only I say, if only the serpent’s egg ceased to hatch…if it were up to me, I say, I’d bang in a few laws to ensure everyone worked. Every single one – you shouldn’t live here if you don’t want to work here. Simples.

So, here’s the question, coming from a Christian who by choice has been a Christian for 24 years: if the killers of Lee Rigby had been properly educated before extremists had a chance of laying their hands on their brains, way before they became radicalized, if they had the same opportunity which the average white British child has, which the average white graduate has, if they were employed in good paying jobs, what are the chances I wonder, that after such a life, opportunities at their disposal, after being accepted by society, that they would squander it all, and commit such a heinous crime? What are the chances?

It’s a mathematical question, so don’t answer it unless you attempt to do so mathematically.




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