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Menace on the hills

They knew he was in danger
They saw it
It was woven by their finger
Written on their fabric.
Their sentinels would vouch of it
But none did.
Instead they basked in a web of lies
false pretense and legalised theft
Sending agents disguised as merchants
Secretly crafting his downfall
“It has to be believable” they counselled together

“It has to look real” they said
Their hearts grew darker
With each tick of the clock
Like a pack of hungry hyenas – they preyed on him
So dark you couldn’t see how dark
Overshadowing the tiniest speck of Light.
“This is what we do” they gloated
“Nothing gets past us” they boasted
in their conniving

against innocent others
“Because he is not like us” they hissed
Entrapment, Deception, Poison
In the same bowl
Of supposed law
And justice – drank by their cronies
Of interests and class power
Of subjugation and imprisonment
They conspired together
Self righteously
Justifying their acts
As their ancestors before them had done.
When deep inside they clearly knew
That they are wrong
That they were wrong
As their forefathers had been before them
Recycled history.
The evil in their schemes
Was ever before them.
To harm that which had done no wrong.
To steal, to kill, to wound
Unreservedly, indifferently
Business as usual
“F**k it” they would dismiss.
“It’s not my problem” they would play down.
Backed by artificial precepts
with accomplices in self-serving adjudicators.
Whose hearts’ were equally dark.
His downfall was theirs to hide
Nothing was gained except the story
that would perpetuate their perfidy.
They knew that he had been
Better than they would ever be
In every single way
Naturally, Effortlessly
Without a hint of affectation
He had been born
with the blood
of a Lion
And the courage
of Joshua
That voice which said
“Walk this way and not that”
“Lie here and not there”
A discerning voice was ever before him.
In his mind – a part of him.
Distinguishing friend from foe
separating the wheat
from the chaff.
Skillfully defining and dividing
Insight that revealed their dirty tricks.
He saw it crystal clear
but like a lamb
to the slaughterhouse
He said no word
Knowing their fate
Confident in their failure
having seen a different realm
their wicked ways
prevented them from accessing
from Perceiving
That their violence
Against civil liberties
against defenceless souls
Was creating the end-times
the beginning of Armageddon
A hostility – that fueled their mischief
That would wipe away
Everything Everyone Valued
Everything Everyone didn’t fully appreciate.
Leaving behind no winners.

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