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Menace on the hills

They knew he was in danger They saw it It was woven by their finger Written on their fabric. Their sentinels would vouch of it But none did. Instead they basked in a web of lies false pretense and legalised theft Sending agents disguised as merchants Secretly crafting his downfall “It has to be believable” … Continue reading


My friend recently suggested that I should run for public office??? “That my speech and writings hint of a soul that had got the deeper gist of it”  Unless there was some kind of humour intended in the context of her statements, or unless it was mere flattery, I couldn’t disagree with her more. Putting … Continue reading

Is IP defensible?

It feels somewhat bizarre writing an Intellectual Property(IP) related post on a blog whose roots are deeply rooted in the same, but which has since found its own voice, aura and direction in a multitude of other topics. Maybe it’s because its been a while since an IP story sufficiently gripped my interest to the … Continue reading