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Its not cool or awesome, its — “– –”

I’ll tell you of a new word that recently and suddenly exploded onto the social lingo like a locust siege.
A word common among teenagers and others, and onto which I’ve been slow to lock on.

I’m not talking about fanute, although that’s also new, and cool. I’m talking about “Epic”.

Everything cool is now epic; everything chic and urbane, everything different, some bizarre, even the psychedelic is epic, kids as young as 9 years old are using the word! This is epic, that’s epic, if its interesting and impressive, then the top generational lingo for it is most definitely “epic”.

Rita Ora‘s new song, — epic! Conor Maynard’s tune, epic! Gangnam Style, epic! Rick Ross‘s Stay Schemin — epic! Skyfall, epic! Olympics closing ceremony, epic! That holiday you took in Magaluf, –epic! The new boots you wore on your first night out  –epic! For some,  they are so into the word, everything, including the word itself, is — epic!

And you should hear the pronounciation…#cringeworthy  #definitely not-epic

Even the not so epic has an epicness deep within it. So, if something hasn’t quite worked out the way you think it should have, or the way it ought to, then its an “epic fail“. Grammatically incorrect I know, but hey, how many of these fans even know that? Or how many of them care?

The word, which originally referred to epic poems, from the Greek word epikos meaning “word or story” has dived into merchandise, including t-shirts (here and here), mugs, and even what appears to be serious marketing tips (which has references to “epic content marketing“, “epic content” and “epic success”. Here, I is confused: Is “epic content” the same as “epic content marketing”??) 😐

It’s not only teens, even celebrities are using it, needless to say where “awesome”, “phenomenal” “wicked” , “tops” or “fantastic” failed, this four letter word has without a shadow of a doubt succeeded, and by an epic margin,  acquiring entirely new secondary meanings (its other meanings here).

And inevitably, the popularity (or unpopularity – depending on your take) has began to elicit some wrath (1, 2) from those who do not approve of its overuse, seeing those using it as no more than excitable numpties-cum-wannabe hipsters, trying desperately to be cool. Akin perhaps only to the chavs who hijacked Burberry (1) in the 90’s in an attempt to achieve some kind of status, only to significantly tarnish the appeal of the brand.
Theres even a Facebook page titled “I hate the word Epic” here nicely cementing this unpopularity.

At least the word can seek solace in the possibly epic knowledge that its made it, since generally, you know you’ve made it when epic hate begins to be thrown your way.

So will I join this latest bandwagon?

Don’t think so, it’s too epic  kak for me.



8 thoughts on “Its not cool or awesome, its — “– –”

  1. This blog made me laugh, i mean really chuckle as having a 7yr old daughter who thinks everything is epic!! dance class is epic, school is epic, even her new android tab is epic, it really is used to describe everything these days 🙂 But over xmas i have to be honest and say the epic word has rubbed off on myself, as i seem to have used it often in texts or tweets lol a new generation a new way of speaking.

    Posted by Nicsgonmad | January 6, 2013, 1:43 pm
  2. This is hilarious! And thanks for clueing me in to “fanute”. It’s takes a long time for trends to reach us in the wintry wiles of Michigan!

    Posted by lanasingstheblues | February 2, 2013, 3:10 pm
  3. I hear you! There are numerous examples of this that piss me off, like the word “bad” used to mean good…

    Posted by caroness1 | February 3, 2013, 11:31 am


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