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Worry about you


Should I worry about you?
When you’ve never shared my burdens.
Nor carried my concerns.
Will I be troubled by you?
When you’ve never ceased to harrass my friends,
Even when they did you no wrong.

Your fingerprints are all over their afflictions
Your hands are marred by their blood
Undeniably the architect of 90% of their problems;
And will be of no less than 50% of those of their unborn

Whether you like it or not.

In jests your friends haul insults,
Unprovoked, they mercilessly attack the gentle foal.
In secret dealings, gossip and secret secrets,
Scoffing disparagingly at a brevity they’ll never know
Manifestations of cowardly and empty buckets.

You see, I will never fret about you.
When I alone carry Mother’s anguish on my shoulder;
A pain your timid souls will never experience;
At least not without considering suicide;
The biting harshness of her nazist colleague
Eating away at it like termites gorging wood.
Aged tears that fuel my unsinkable resolve;
Brother’s antagonists fanning my sharpened vigor.
Neural battle on behalf of another
Fishing for sanity while jumping a hurdle
As spoilt young men go out and court trouble.

So when I carry all this in my head
There’s little space for dodgy old Fred.
I’d rather worry about nephew’s teacher, Mrs Fabrice;

Who ploys to make him one for social deeds;

Engineering a kid’s life before he hits six.

So because you neither share in my joys;
Nor are  inclined to end my sorrows,
Deceived by your ghoulish mind
Interested only in your own grind.
You are nothing to me;
A divisive inconvenience that must be ignored.

And because you do not feed me;

Nor dress me, caress me, or create the air that I breathe.

You can steal my life and wife,
But you shall never, ever have my respect.



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