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December confessions

1. Can watch commercials all day, especially funny ones. My favorite are the Strongbow ones (like these ones here) and the Meerkat ones (1, 2 and Meerkovo) Priceless. 2. Sometimes it looks like I have too many days when nobody understands, or makes the slightest effort to be helpful. You know those wretched days when … Continue reading


Spending time with Friends and family at christmas, the best jolly time of the year right? Where family, fun, friends, food and presents merge into a joyous often alcohol fuelled concord of sorts? Such a great event isn’t it? Wonderful stuff…magnificently beautiful, fabulous time..great! ….the birth of Jesus Christ! it’s for the kids! they say, … Continue reading

Quagmiric Impasse

The pro-gun lobby would never in a million years give up its well guarded position without a fight. If bible believing rifle wielding priests are anything to go by, it would probably involve an armed conflict. After numerous massacres over the years (recently in Connecticut & Corolado) which have left many US families devastated, a … Continue reading

Quirky footwear

We can’t do without them. Not unless you are a bushman in the kalahari. They are one of those necessities you can really do some messy thing with, if you are creative. While you can’t really do much with shorts or pants, both of which just hang’s there, with shoes … you can go absolutely … Continue reading

the innovator’s dilema

Have you ever met people who have got an eye for identifying a problem and proposing a practical and workable solution to that problem? Not just one or two, or three problems, tens of problems! Innovators, some would say, can see how certain changes to certain things can improve those things for the better. Even … Continue reading

Worry about you

Should I worry about you? When you’ve never shared my burdens. Nor carried my concerns. Will I be troubled by you? When you’ve never ceased to harrass my friends, Even when they did you no wrong. Your fingerprints are all over their afflictions Your hands are marred by their blood Undeniably the architect of 90% … Continue reading

Plutocracy: Self flagellation and cash blackholes

The bullshit train has returned to town, and this time its fuller of dung than ever before. Three days ago saw Lord Justice Leveson publish his report following the public inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the British press. At over 1900 pages long, 470 witnesses interviewed and evidence from 135 different organisations, … Continue reading