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Mountains out of molehills

So, the ranks of the scoffers are at it again.

This time the victim at the sorry end of an onslaught of hate and what appears to be none other than raw jealousy disguised as concern, is a Mid-Bedfordshire MP named Nadine Dorries. An outspoken former nurse, unpopular with the prime minister, and who is probably no more guilty as her expenses claiming, indulgent, gaffe prone, insulting(‘pleb’), dozing, autocrat worshipping and bigoted contemporaries. It smacks of double standards.

But I think she’s more than that. Think about it, her claim that politicians should do more to be in touch with reality isn’t entirely invalid is it? It couldnt possibly be. For a start, how many of her contemporaries do infact identify with the challenges of their constituents? And what better way to reach out than on such a show, on which there is every chance that some of the people in her constituency who wouldn’t normally think about politics could be watching?

And its nothing to do with being an MP, or  money. In my view, many of us have missed work for a day or more just because on that day, we woke up on the wrong side of bed, or felt ill, or just didn’t feel like it. over the years, I’ve encountered many people who have missed work for the ‘feeblest’ of excuses: Oh, its the time of the month, my cat is sick, I’m poorly, the shower is broke, snowed in, the bicycle (or go-cart) got stolen, need to get the chickens (or the goat) to the Vet…family emergency…and on and on.

It gets worse, according to one family source,  one extremely lazy manager within an NHS trust regularly misses work for as much as a third of her contracted hours each month, because of ‘sickness’. And still gets to keep her job. Thanks to her being best chums with the unit’s boss.

So, as if being different and putting up with the toffs in her party wasn’t hard enough, now Nadine has to battle this lot. Ok, without knowing the specifics as to whether she did infact take a paid holiday before heading into the jungle or not, admittedly, it would have been a hint more fitting if she had in fact taken leave to join the show during her holiday. But even if she didn’t, for sanity’s sake, aren’t we all allowed to do some crazy things once in a while? So long as it didn’t involve sleeping with our biographers, or cheating in sports with performance enhancing drugs?

What is wrong with this society! If she is not commended, at least she shouldn’t be attacked over such petty issues.  I mean, there are some crazy things politicians around the world have done or said in the past, not only in Britain, but  even abroad, and most of them didn’t get anything more than a smack on the wrist. Magnifying this is making mountains out of molehills, its not that serious.



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