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Wierd and Wonderful

The care of a genuinely compassionate + inspiring leader, who is interested in safeguarding the interests of the majority, not just concerns of a select few. Congratulations to him for winning the US elections!

Turning intimacy into a trade – cuddles / hugs per $ second

Nissan Leaf

H2O Mop X5 5-in-1 steam cleaner

This bottle opener @ 5.4cm by 0.8cm by 0.3cm~ makes it not only one of the thinnest, but also so cool. Probably an essential toy for any one who needs to open bottles out of the pub/ home.

This link, which suggest the Supreme court of the US could make it harder (or impossible to sell stuff)

Trump rants, which in themselves would be ordinary, except he’s now deleted them off his twitter page.

Oh, and Colorado and Washington become the first states to legalise recreational use of weed.




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