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Quero vender minha virgindade, tenho 20anos

Distinguishing fact from fiction (like spam from legitimate email) is becoming ever so tricky these days.

I mean, the US President is an African American, and a bondage novel currently holds the tile of the bestseller of all time. 20 years ago, these two acts alone woud be almost wholly unthinkable. Plain impossibles, no two ways about it.  And in the case of the novel, lets imagine it hit the shelves in 1987 Thatcherite Britain, would it have been the phenomenon it arguably now is?

Times have indeed changed. And if you needed any further convincing, take a look at this (which came in an email a couple of days ago):-

Olá Boa noite,
Aderi a nova moda, sou virgem tenho 20 anos de idade e quero vender minha virgindade, e quem pagar melhor eu me entrego
Lance minimo R$ 1.000,00.
Garanto minha virgindade, e estou enviando a você algumas fotos minhas para que você aprecieeee…..

bjinhooosss aguardo seu retornoo S2………

For those of you who can’t read portuguese, Google Translate is most helpful:-

The title says “I want to sell my virginity, I 20anos” (tha last part of which was probably meant to be “I’m 20 years old”)

Hello Good evening,
I joined the new fashion, I’m a virgin I’m 20 years old and I want to sell my virginity, and who pay better I surrender
Minimum bid $ 1,000.00.
I guarantee my virginity, and I’m sending you some of my photos for you ….. aprecieeee

#some saucy pics of a youthful ravishing lady
#someweblink (Which you will be pleased to know I did not click 🙂 )

bjinhooosss await your retornoo S2 ………(which probably means kisses (“beijinhos”) awaits your return (“retorno”) )

The sender calls themselves Jennifer, with double “n”, although the name on the email address is Cristina, without an “h”, yet irrespective of whether the email is legit or not, it seems auctioning virginity is becoming ever more popular these days, with one virgin raking in a 5 figure sum.
Will it catch on? Don’t think so.



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