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Dated 2007, titled “4rchitects” ?? Not much of a clue what was going on here, except it most certainly involves money, the star of David, Palestine, a dark skinned arm, several daggers,  a barrel, what looks like a missile, another arm with what looks like a Chinese inscription and an Arab looking guy ?? Oh, … Continue reading

Face what?

There is a concept in Trade Mark law in the UK and Europe which says that a new or recent brand cannot take advantage of or free ride on the distinctive character or repute of a well known, established Trade Mark. Essentially what this means is if your trade mark is popular and has “goodwill” … Continue reading

Mountains out of molehills

So, the ranks of the scoffers are at it again. This time the victim at the sorry end of an onslaught of hate and what appears to be none other than raw jealousy disguised as concern, is a Mid-Bedfordshire MP named Nadine Dorries. An outspoken former nurse, unpopular with the prime minister, and who is … Continue reading

From the Pedalo to the Boxing ring

I genuinely believe its impossible to dislike Andrew Flintoff. Like Gary Barlow, he’s firmly a  British favorite and leaving aside his hilarious antics, he seems like a really nice guy. I watched a bit of his Alone in the Wild documentary the other day and thought it was quite cool. It takes some guts to head … Continue reading

7 Critical Qualities of Effective Political Leadership: Thrifty ducks and social workers

Most people don’t know that Scrooge McDuck is Disney‘s highest grossing fictional character. The Scottish anthropomorphic duck created in 1947 by Carl Barks and whose IP is licensed to Disney has been such a hit for Disney it has outgrossed  the next competitor (in the form of Carlisle Cullen) by a massive US$7.9 billion margin. But … Continue reading

Pussy Riot

After seeing what was purported to be a christlike figure on an episode of South Park revealing a t-shirt underneath his robe, which had the words “Free Pussy Riot”, halfway during a news bulletin in which it was also alleged that Pussy Riot’s lawyers are having difficulties registering a brand to the band’s name as … Continue reading

Wierd and Wonderful

Turning intimacy into a trade – cuddles / hugs per $ second Nissan Leaf H2O Mop X5 5-in-1 steam cleaner This link, which suggest the Supreme court of the US could make it harder (or impossible to sell stuff) Trump rants, which in themselves would be ordinary, except he’s now deleted them off his twitter … Continue reading

Quero vender minha virgindade, tenho 20anos

Distinguishing fact from fiction (like spam from legitimate email) is becoming ever so tricky these days. I mean, the US President is an African American, and a bondage novel currently holds the tile of the bestseller of all time. 20 years ago, these two acts alone woud be almost wholly unthinkable. Plain impossibles, no two … Continue reading