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Surviving, at Amherst College

Amherst College

via Surviving, at Amherst College.

p/s: Was asked why i haven’t commented on the Jimmy Savile Case since I have written about such things in the past. Well, Yes, I did in fact write regarding a similar issue not to long ago, however I don’t know enough about the Saville case to comment. Also, I’m somewhat cynical as a lot of what we are hearing is opaque, although maybe thats because I haven’t really had time to consider in some depth all the opinions floating about. Also, the presence of the BBC in the middle of this makes things a little complicated, because there is probably going to be some people saying things to reduce ‘the potential damage’ in terms of collaborators and others who paid a blind eye, so in the end, the ‘whole truth’ will probably not really be the whole truth, and some who were involved in some material way will probably get away with it.  What I could say though is like i said in my previous post on harrassment, the most urgent question is always going to be what can be done to find and protect those who are facing harrassment not yesterday, but now.



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