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Outsider unfriendly street: What’s it all about?

Is your blog a one way outsider unfriendly street

I’ve rehearsed the answer to this question so well its actually pleasurable typing it.

Didn’t have to write a lengthy script, but I’ve been asked it enough times to have developed a methodical and customised template for answering it.

Ok, so the asker was right in concluding that this is not an IP blog (or blawg as are some known). We’ll come back to that. But she was wrong in suggesting this is a “speculation” blog, whatever that means. Depending on your definition of speculation, in my view, it couldn’t possibly be speculation.

If you ask me, this blog is artistic. I create from all sorts of inspirational sources, and much of it is original.

Its news and an alternative perspective to commonly held views on certain things. There’s always another side to a story, no matter what story that may be.

Its original, from the name right to the very style of writing.

It can be funny. At least some of the posts never cease to amuse me, as I wonder in what wretched mental sate I was when I conceived them.

Given, sometimes theres a fair bit of waffling, which must be forgivable since its simply because of an organic and unsanitised thought process. I rarely ask how my writing will be received. Thats the critic’s job, and I’m not playing devils advocate on this.

Its creative. Name me another blog that has some sort of primary subject but isn’t afraid of veering into deeply treacherous territory (politics, religion, etc) that may most definitely offend a part of the readership, including some posts which are probably of no interest to them at all.

Much more importantly, its transparent. In my view, you cannot really succeed in conveying the subject matter of a topic to a mass readership in the long term by writing as if only judges and lawyers will read your blog. You may succeed in getting your blog to be certified as an authority, winning some awards along the way, with nods of approval by the majority of professionals who are interested in your topics. But thats too limiting. Unless its object is not disemination of information on IP, it can be made better by being ‘accessible’ (i.e. not obscure) to a wider audience, which leads me to my next point.

It has to talk about life outside of the topic. Most “IP blogs” I’ve encountered rarely do, and are either one or more of the following:-

(i) heavy law(including case law)/ theory written targeting a specific audience (its probably safe to bundle their primary readership into “professionals”);

(ii) extensions of a company’s website, and aiming at marketing the company and / or demystifying the law to “readers”, who may or may not include current and prospective clients.

(iii) egoistical extensions of its writers, complete with ‘trade mark’ references objectifying the character and nature of the writers (for example, a penchant for Rioja)

(iv) targeting a specific theme / topic or aspect of IP (e.g. IP and Finance; Trade Marks; Copyright; Fashion and IP, etc)

(v) discussions of cases, products or other subjects loosely related to IP.

(vi) of a fictional exposition type, again IP related in some way.

(vii) of someother type.

Which is all fine. Whatever works for you and your readers. However, by their very nature, the above types of blogs tend to be obscure and exclusive. Too predictable. You wouldn’t be harsh if you thought they were just another fan club with  groups of people who share similar views virtually meeting at irregular intervals to explore topics of interest (scholarly or otherwise). Its all very comfortable, a bit one way street and not outsider friendly. A bit like certain church services, which to non-christians unaccustomed with hymns and creeds may all seem a bit out there, somewhat boring.

Ideally I’d like my offering to be different. Transient, in that while loosely characterised as an IP blog, it has no specific agenda or target readership.

Unpredictable, but relevant to ordinary life experiences.

Followers can come and go and need not be signed up. For those that spend a bit more time on it, hopefully they would have had an experience which can be described as one or more of either (i) learning something they didn’t previously know (ii) getting challenged / offended by the alternative viewpoint presented, and carefully thinking about why they got offended/ challenged; (iii) offering their viewpoint or (iv) laughing at the wry humour/ shallowness / depth of some of the topics, and (iv) for non-professionals that dig a bit deeper(and land onto the right page), learning a thing or two about IP.

If this blog were a church service it would be one where anybody, be it a first time attendee or otherwise is welcome at some point during the service to address the congregation, within reason, in re their worldview,etc. Oh, and we would need bodyguards.



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