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Surviving, at Amherst College

Amherst College via Surviving, at Amherst College. p/s: Was asked why i haven’t commented on the Jimmy Savile Case since I have written about such things in the past. Well, Yes, I did in fact write regarding a similar issue not to long ago, however I don’t know enough about the Saville case to comment. … Continue reading

Outsider unfriendly street: What’s it all about?

I’ve rehearsed the answer to this question so well its actually pleasurable typing it. Didn’t have to write a lengthy script, but I’ve been asked it enough times to have developed a methodical and customised template for answering it. Ok, so the asker was right in concluding that this is not an IP blog (or … Continue reading

Originally posted on grudginglydomestic:
I came across this article online – and thought it was worth sharing. The excerpt below was written by a man who’s marriage had failed – and these are the 16 things he would have done differently, were he able to get “a do-over.” 1. DON’T STOP HOLDING HER HAND When…

Shedding pounds: Of beef and carrots

In my subconscious quest for my next blog topic, my job couldn’t have been made any easier. Of all the susceptible themes I could prey on, topics which gullible and convenient enough, made them easy targets for literal exploitation, of all the tough and crazy happenings on the planet,my next topic was brought to me … Continue reading


Still alive. And well. Plenty of interesting things to blog (and brag) about, but not enough time around the clock. And life frequently takes over the driving seat. Which is not always fun, unless you are sipping on something nice, and in the company of someone nicer. Both of which I do not often have … Continue reading