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Why they Kill; Why they Murder. How we can stop them.

You don’t have enough fingers on your hands to count (from memory) the number of horrendous murders involving a gun that have occured across Europe in recent months.

And if you think you do (assuming you do in fact live in Europe), then either your memory is crap (what kind of~sapien doesn’t even glaze over newspapers), you don’t watch the right kind of TV, you’re a snob occupied entirely with yourself, or you’re not that aware of events happening around you, in which case you should be worried and see your doctor for a possible scan for mental illness. And read this. 😐

Because, its nothing short of evil and despicable that some bored/rich/spoilt/ t**ts among us liberally decide to end the lives of innocent others.

I was speaking to one of my friend (who is rather eccentric) about these recent events, midway through a football game last weekend, and paraphrasing, this is what he had to say:-

He said if there was one thing which Europe could learn from Africa and Asia, it would be child upbringing. Forget the economics, forget commerce, good governance and health services, in child upbringing alone, Africa and Asia has got it right probably 95 – 98%. And the leaders of Europe should be humble enough to ask for instruction from those who have mastered the issue.

According to him the problem runs like this:-

(i) Non-existent interpersonal skills:- Kids grow up seeing violence. A culture to begrudge anybody, anything, usually for little or no reason. Negative pointless hostility towards others, especially foreigners. Overly critical of each other, the over emphasis of “we are social animals, survival of the fittest, blah blah blah, …translates into we have to be hostile to others to survive… Lie number  1. No, you don’t have to be cold and heartless to others, to be true to yourselves, and your reputation…

(ii) Lie No 2. Nothing is good enough unless I came up with it. So kids grow up not appreciating what others are doing, as only my Dad can come up with the best ideas, etc…

(iii) Willingness to totally ignore traditional family values. Which translates into, You can bloody do whatever you bloody like.

“In all this, kids are growing up seeing the newspapers, the tv, the people around them, the video games, their own parents, everyone behaving in this wild uncontrollable manner.. being hostile… mean, deceptive, lying, stealing, fighting, hypocrisy, cheating …all sorts. Total lack opf discipline. Chaos!” he banged the table with his fist.

“And while there are some families in the UK where if a child does something silly, and has been warned about it before,  they will be smacked, they are in a severe minority. Smacked not to torture or hurt them, but to discipline them, so that they know they are expected to behave in a certain manner. As much as excessive violence towards young people is dangerous, and as we know, had led to many deaths, the total lack of discipline is equally dangerous.”

So, apparently, they naturally grow into criminals they have been brought up to see. To the point some are driven to walk up to innocent people (students, young women, service men and women in course of duty, supposed member of another “gang”, etc) and pull the trigger.

The reasons, oh because he is trying to impress his friends; his nickname is psycho…. he’s after street cred. or he was asked by his gang master.

“The kid has grown up in a hostile environement, where hate, violence, jealousy, sexism, racism, and several other distorted ideas are the norm. Commonplace and even encouraged. He has no brains (or thoughtfulness) to understand that his actions are despicable, wrong. What the f**k does wrong even mean to this lot nowadays?” he scoffed.

“He has no way of seeing that his actions will have far reaching consequences including destroying lives forever. You fool!” he hissed, ” that pain you have caused will never heal! That mother will carry that pain until the day she dies. She will always mourn her son, her daughter, her husband. Her heart is broken, forever, never ever to heal. In the night, twice maybe thrice long before her son died,  year, in year out, she will cry. Mourning for the one person missing in her family. Whom you, in your infinite stupidity, took away from her. Indeed she may embrace God, and conceal the pain, but it will always, always be there.

“Why cause such suffering! You are cursed”, he said, lowering his voice “You will never in your whole life truly be happy! Suffering about you will be multiplied a hundredfold! On your children tenfold! and their children threefold!”

Apparently, one of the solutions was Compulsory Military Service and a return to a hierarchical chieftain system.

“It may sound like a coocoo idea, but wait until it is your wife, husband, daughter, son, brother or father who gets killed, then you’ll appreciate the urgency of the situation”

“Let these kids know from the word go that they can’t just do as they like. That they should obey their parents, or the basic rules. Or else there will be consequences. They will be summoned to the chief, and given a severe bollocking.”

I totally agree. Ex-servicemen, ex-military, especially ex- SAS men.  Lets make use of the experience and discipline of our retired special forces. In any case, isn’t it in the army that discipline is raw?

“They will break the hardnuts at a young age. Will educate and sharpen them, instilling good values and responsible behaviour. They will still have fun, I mean look at Prince Harry, but when was the last time a military man trained in Britain shoot an innocent person in broad daylight? For no reason?”

I can’t remember, maybe my memory is crap.



2 thoughts on “Why they Kill; Why they Murder. How we can stop them.

  1. With you on this until I reached this line:
    “Apparently, one of the solutions was Compulsory Military Service and a return to a hierarchical chieftain system.”
    Discipline is required, but I cannot think of a worse applier (of discipline to the non-military) than military personnel. IMHO! This is a generalization, so exceptions in practice would be expected.
    Thanks for your interest in my blog ‘tgrule’.

    Posted by Ken McMurtrie | October 18, 2012, 11:25 pm

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