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In the information age in which we live in, it can be a struggle keeping on top of things. And sometimes, even the things we ought to know evade us. Then there are those pieces which you just glance over but never find time to competely explore, some of which may be important.

And for those much older, I’m reliably informed that it only gets a lot worse. I had an older fellow the other day ask me what “the twitter” was all about. Yes, “THE TWITTER”, he said, as if it were something massive…as in the BFG!. Hooaar, scary..

After all the lolz, it was a lot easier to politely inform them that that this twitter thing, like sms, is simply a new messaging system, not for phones but computers connected to the internet, and that they should ignore it as its not that important or relevant to anything they will ever have to do, for the remainder of their days. šŸ˜

Anyhow, below are some tidbits which escaped my not always attentive (and hopeless at multi-tasking) eye, or which i simply ignored:

Burberry was awarded Ā£63 million in damages after successfully taking court action against a network of Chinese counterfeiters. Did someone say enforcing IP rights in China was impossible #China #Counterfeiting

On the subject of China, some European bods think IP policies and practices in China (including filing targets) are in fact hampering innovation, and leading to crappy inventions (if that means the same as “less than high quality innovations”). More here

You know the music you have on your ipod,Ā  iphone or ipad; A lot of you may know this already, but for those who didn’t know, well..here’s the bad news:- If you care to read the small print, you will find that it’s not actually yours. Er, that music, all those playlists, jingles and songs you have legitimately downloaded through itunes over the years, even though you may have spent a fortune on it all, erm, it still doesn’t actually belong to you. Infact it never did. All this time, its always belonged to , erm, Apple, and the fiction goes like this: By buying or downloading it, you have in fact just been given a license to play it on your device (which thankfully you own). When that terrible and mournful day finally arrives, when your hair is grey, the day when the good Lord takes you away, your heart ceases its glorious beat and the brain forever shuts off , i.e. you die, then, erm, nobody else is entitled to own your music. Or play it(not even at your funeral), or share it, or bequeath it to another ..etc.

As can be imagined, this is downright outrageous! and Die Hard hard man Bruce Willis has taken Apple to court over such draconian corporate greed.

In another court case (commonly referred to as the ‘red bus’ case -which dates back to last year), a plaintiff won an action for copyright infringement when a photograph (not a copy but a reproduction of the idea behind a concept) of a red bus featured on a black & white background of well known London cityscape.(Temple Island Collections Ltd v New English Teas [2012] EWPCC 1). Who said you couldn’t protect an idea! #idea #copyright. More here (thankyou Art and Artifice)

Then there was Christian Louboutin and his red soles, which a Manhattan court has ruled are protectable by a Trade mark after allĀ  (see earlier post based on a judgement that suggested otherwise here).

And ofcourse Samsung vs Apple, which everybody (including me) knows about. While the US case got plentiful attention, with its billion dollar award, what most didn’t really know about is that a court in South Korea (which is where Samnsung is from) pronounced that although both companies infringed each other’s patents, Samsung was the overall winner.
Similarly Judge Birss in the Patent County Court (UK), also opined Samsung the winner, noting that the Samsung tablet was “not as cool”. More here

Oh, aside IP, this Lewisham based kebab house apparently ranks higher in terms of customer satisfaction on Trip advisor thanĀ  a number of Michelin star restaurants. How neat is that!



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