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Focus and Priorities

Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles – Thomas Browne.

What is your blog all about? Why do you write about so many different and unrelated topics? Don’t you think a professional blog should be seperate from scandal and gossip you encounter in your daily life, or from your political inclinations? This was the question I got asked yesterday by someone who claims to read my blog.

The answer is No. While the norm may be to keep things seperate, I don’t think so. Because my blog is a reflection of what I encounter, and you don’t only encounter linear, monochrome and neatly agreeable views. So, I’m not one who writes to please or appease a certain audience or a group of people,  so even if I don’t necessarily agree with a viewpoint, if i have time, I may still blog about it.

Whether it will turn out to be music to my reader’s ears is up to them. None of my concern.

Further, I write because that’s my conviction on the particular topic on that day  (which maybe altogether different to how I will feel about it the next day).

In addition, most people’s lives are already too clattered with an increasing number of  things to do. People are busy and these “pebbles” are allscreaming hysterically for attention (from family related biz, social to work stuff,and a lot more inbetween) so, it wouldn’t be fair at all in my situation, to complicate things any further and begin new blogs, amidst many priorities.

In any case, on average, I receive about 40 emails a day, and dealing with those alone takes an awful amount of time. And thats before you have even got to the twitter feeds, linkedin, the writing, facebook, phone calls and “firefighting”, etc.

But I manage, and kinda enjoy it, so much so that  i think I’m usually alert from 6am to 10pm.

So, in the midst of so much happening, the day of entertaining 5 different blogs relating to 5 or more different overarching themes will never arrive. Certain of that.




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