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Human Soul Sale (via Health Insurance): Of Scaremongers and Pharisees.

Have you ever seen or heard something so profoundly ridiculous it almost made you numb? Not naive / silly question asked by kids. Neither housewives’ gossip, beerhall talk nor idle banter on celeb blogs. None of that. Not referring to particularly imaginative games such as this one (via Google Patents) several interesting diagrams of which are depicted below….

I’m referring to an assertion so wildly misinformed, totally devoid of reason or the slightest hint of knowledge, unbacked by even the least possible evidence (let alone hearsay / common sense, neither ideology), so careless, so full of downright perfidy it would make your stomach churn? Such was the severity of ignorance embodied in a statement I recently heard, I couldn’t believe my ears. Had to simultaneously fight an urge to puke and poop which I have reason to believe is no easy feat considering neither sickness nor strong drink has ever been capable of invoking reactions as bizarre as that.

Did I really hear that right? Did this seemingly normal person actually say that? Is she serious, or is this some kind of joke gone horribly wrong?  Damn it! If agreeing with a policy (even if its just in principle) is a soul trading transaction, then, I’m standing halfway between heaven and hell, and about to make a profit.

This is what she said:

“Obama’s health insurance policy will  be used by the underworld as the channel to roll out the number of the beast, the number 666?”

This has got to be the most shite conspiracy theory ever let loose on humankind.

Wow! how on earth did she formulate that!?



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