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Funny Spam

So, you’ve just published a new  blog post and are eagerly waiting for the worlds reaction to it. A few hours later, you login into your blog’s CMS, and find a couple of ‘likes’ and 3 or 4 comments under your new post, with one highlighted by wordpress as spam. Shucks! the damn things, why does anybody even bother with posting such comments, you think. Then you read the spam comment itself:

Why I love paying tax. Every time I write out a gigantic cheque to the Inland Revenue, I get a bit excited. Woooo! I go. What a seriously grown-up thing to be doing! It’s like drinking whisky, buying an engagement ring or chopping down a tree… On this basis alone, I find it exhilarating. I kind of want it to hurt a bit. I feel like The Joker facing down Batman: “Come on — stick National Insurance on top of it! I can handle it! VAT me! VAT ME!” But you know what would, in a single stroke, make tax-paying much more popular in this country? A receipt. After all, whenever I’ve just blown £227 in Waitrose and feel a bit alarmed by it, it’s oddly comforting to read through the receipt and say to myself, “but at least I have a lot of yoghurt now”. Similar comfort would be experienced by the taxpayer if, in exchange for a large cheque, one was simply issued with a print-out of what you’d just bought yourself: £2,000 for the NHS, £600 for streetlights, £2 for Prince Andrew, etc.


Another spam joke here





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