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Why they Kill; Why they Murder. How we can stop them.

You don’t have enough fingers on your hands to count (from memory) the number of horrendous murders involving a gun that have occured across Europe in recent months. And if you think you do (assuming you do in fact live in Europe), then either your memory is crap (what kind of~sapien doesn’t even glaze over … Continue reading

Missing a Mirror

Just noticed something. Why is it the case that most of the toilets adapted for disabled persons I have found myself using (consequentially — the other toilets are shut, not available, its the nearest, etc), be it at an airport, library, school hostel, shopping centre and other places, have had no mirror inside them? Do … Continue reading

7 Reasons Why World War III is probably around the corner. And how we can stop it.

I am neither a Marxist nor a Socialist. I couldn’t be an Anarchist because I believe there is plenty of good in having an orderly hierarchical society where authority and boundaries are respected. I work for Capitalists (and to a large extent, I  am one), and  enjoy what I do. Couldn’t dream of doing anything … Continue reading

what causes me to fill page after page… with my pain?

Found this Poem on family friend poems. Its written by someone named Michael (who goes by the name “country1” on the forum) what’s the purpose behind it all… what’s the point to the things I put down on paper? I write constantly it seems about all the things that I’d much rather forget… day after … Continue reading

Share the Love

Apparently, its more  popular than you may first think and according to this article, its on the rise. Unrelated singles and / or couples living together in large ‘communal families’  (these range from intentional communities, Eco-villages, group marriages   to co-ops, ashrams, co-housing groups and survivalist and radical religious colonies) where tasks from cleaning, cooking, taking … Continue reading

Should have known

In the information age in which we live in, it can be a struggle keeping on top of things. And sometimes, even the things we ought to know evade us. Then there are those pieces which you just glance over but never find time to competely explore, some of which may be important. And for … Continue reading

Focus and Priorities

What is your blog all about? Why do you write about so many different and unrelated topics? Don’t you think a professional blog should be seperate from scandal and gossip you encounter in your daily life, or from your political inclinations? This was the question I got asked yesterday by someone who claims to read … Continue reading

Human Soul Sale (via Health Insurance): Of Scaremongers and Pharisees.

Have you ever seen or heard something so profoundly ridiculous it almost made you numb? Not naive / silly question asked by kids. Neither housewives’ gossip, beerhall talk nor idle banter on celeb blogs. None of that. Not referring to particularly imaginative games such as this one (via Google Patents) several interesting diagrams of which … Continue reading

Funny Spam

So, you’ve just published a new  blog post and are eagerly waiting for the worlds reaction to it. A few hours later, you login into your blog’s CMS, and find a couple of ‘likes’ and 3 or 4 comments under your new post, with one highlighted by wordpress as spam. Shucks! the damn things, why … Continue reading

Balancing Act

“You either have it or you don’t!” exclaimed the master, responding to a statement made by a man being interviewed on TV on the topic of encouraging students to study science subjects at GCSE level. “The trick is to find your domain. Some people just don’t have it and we won’t be doing them any … Continue reading