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The eye of the storm – date rape.

Quite offended by the whole George Galloway‘s Julian Assange Rape Comments. I like both chaps, but how could Galloway say that and expect to get away with it? Yes, he’s entitled to an opinion (we all are), but he’s an MP, a leader who you would think should have a higher moral conviction, or at … Continue reading

A confluence of visions

Remember my post titled Soutenir l’industrie à domicile: why French police do not buy British cars (No. 2) , on which I argued rather passionately (I think) that the common practice of UK residents holidaying abroad may be bad for the uK economy in the long run? Well, you see, someone else appears to agree (read the … Continue reading

Getting away with it

They are in the papers again. Google, this time its the ‘saucy thorn’ of  tax avoidance . So, Vodafone, Amazon, GSK and a whole battalion of others routinely do it, and pretty much get away with it (more attempts at getting away with it here). Why not Google? I would do it 😐 While there … Continue reading

Motorway Madness – Another True Story

M6 motorway, late 1970’s. Winter, Night time. The man was about 30 years old then, had 2 young kids in the back of his van and the damn thing kept breaking down on him, about every 3 or 4 miles.  He didn’t tell me what the problem was, but from reading between the lines, I … Continue reading

Fruit Art

I find it inspirational when everyday objects or things are arranged in an unusual but interesting way to create new lifeforms of art, music, poetry, etc. This looks like art , made from real fruit, and shells,  a crab and other bits. Exquisite, evocative. Related articles Sun, Arts, Fresh Fruit/Veggies & More at Des Moines … Continue reading