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London 2012 Olympic Games Countdown

London 2012 Olympic Games Countdown (Photo credit: givingnot@rocketmail.com)

So, the world’s biggest sporting show has hit town and some games have already made a start even before the official opening ceremony. Well, happy days isn’t it? The  weather so far has been favourable (its been hot and sunny the last couple of days), the sportsmen and women all appear to be in good form and ready to excel … its great isn’t it?

Time for the major brands to make their money, for,.. err.., “sponsoring the games”. Its also time for the Olympics committee to become more unpopular by their over enthusiastic policing of their brands. Now it seems they are trying to upset motorists.

Anyhow, besides the G4S fiasco, everything else appears to be going reasonably well so far, eh? Thats excluding the North Korean flag blunder; a minor technical glitch in a sea of perfection :-). Oh, we can also ignore the many voices that predict that the UK economy will not benefit in any substantial way from the games, unlike what was previously thought.

Finally, if you are one of theose people who believe in conspiracy theories, maybe it would be wise to just distance yourself and shut-up the next couple of weeks, as people are trying to be happy (and have some fun) so don’t spoil the mood for everyone else just because you think someone is planning an attack. In any case, have you seen the scale of the security operations deployed?

So, best wishes to every one! Whether the statistical predictions of between 44 – 57 medals for team GB  are realised or not, we will still be supporting them and wish them all the very best of luck and good fortune.




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