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Rifles, Carrots and Berries

Was going to explore the sore theme of the  arms trade black market and its effects, which i think are exclusively negative. In particular, how some western countries are earning dirty money from the trade of military equipment with regimes which it appears then use those arms (indirectly or otherwise) for the violent repression of political opposition , sometimes ending with the equipment finding itself in the hands of terrorist militia who in the past have been accused of crimes against humanity.

But a different theme has hijacked my imagination / inclination, not that the initial theme is insignificant, no. But I’ll save that topic for another day.

Remember my post here, on recycling dilapidated buildings? Well, when others have suggested inspirational and innovative ways of re-using such buildings (including a neat and visionary proposal for Battersea Power Station), why can’t we grow fruit and veg indoors, in some of these dilapidated buildings? Surely the amount of reconstruction that would be required for such a purpose would be minimal since not people but plants will inhabit the reconstructed buildings? Again, like I argued in my previous post, it will create jobs, will enhance the green credentials of the area / organisation running it, will drive prices down (with new indoor cultivation techniques, more yield can be achieved per square metre) and will create a business with potentially lucrative profit margins.

Just take a look at this chart of where food in Britain comes from for a moment.

How many of these products can be realistically and profitably grown in an eco-friendly environment (solar panels, wind turbines, steam and carbon di-oxide input from nearby factories, etc) indoors, in the UK, if a ‘minimalist’ approach is taken?

I think quite a good number of them. So while there will be issues worth considering, we could grow blueberries, lemons, carrots and strawberries indoors. When two thirds of the tomatoes eaten in the UK are imported, maybe its time to attempt to cleanly grow them here? Maybe if we grow enough, we can even export some :-)!

As someone who is practically addicted to strawberries (try them with this, it will blow your mind :-|), it would be nice if they (and blueberries) were ‘affordable’, which they currently are not.Growing them indoors may just be one of the solutions?



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