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Do You Know Who You Are?

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Don’t mind them – they wouldn’t survive any of this.

A few days ago, I read a real life story about a man whom out of no fault of his own lost everything he ever had. He was dismissed from his job and became the subject of criminal legal proceedings by his employers, so he couldn’t find another job. His house was repossessed and he … Continue reading


So, the world’s biggest sporting show has hit town and some games have already made a start even before the official opening ceremony. Well, happy days isn’t it? The  weather so far has been favourable (its been hot and sunny the last couple of days), the sportsmen and women all appear to be in good … Continue reading

Human traffickin, Dog trafficking, Rhino poaching @ Kruger …

What does one say? Related articles Saving the Rhino – a real story (mpoverello.com) Africa’s last rhinos threatened by poaching (rawstory.com) Put Foot Rally 2012 Supports Project Rhino, Kwazulu-Natal (south-african-hotels.com) Horror film of Africa rhino poaching HORRORVIDEO (spiritandanimal.wordpress.com) Africa’s last rhinos threatened by poaching (dawn.com)

Return from the Dead: of Mammoths, Tasmanian tigers and dinosaurs

Remember my post here about the practice of hunting what may soon be endangered species? Well, one blogger disagrees. He suggests that if the species become extinct, maybe we can  bring them back using advanced cloning techniques(i.e. by say the Roslin technique)? I’m not a biologist 😐 and I don’t know anywhere near enough about … Continue reading

Case Study: What’s in a Chocolate Empire

Its a brand driven business that has grown to a £60 million turnover business in  20 years.  That may sound like ordinary, but its not. Ask Thorntons , it took them over 60 years to hit comparable figures. Hotel Chocolat engages in the production and distribution of chocolates for most occasions.  It offers chocolate gifts … Continue reading

Problem Solution Approach

Problem: Solution: Don’t ask why they all show different times and dates. Even I haven’t quite figured that one yet.   Related articles The Solution and the Problem (politicalirony.com) The First Half of Any Problem (armedwithhealth.wordpress.com) Your current problem – actually an opportunity in disguise (philgerbyshak.com) I know what your problem is. Furthermore, I have … Continue reading

To do list

Found this on someone’s G+ wall. I think its lovely.

Rifles, Carrots and Berries

Was going to explore the sore theme of the  arms trade black market and its effects, which i think are exclusively negative. In particular, how some western countries are earning dirty money from the trade of military equipment with regimes which it appears then use those arms (indirectly or otherwise) for the violent repression of … Continue reading

Science vs Anti-science

Its interesting when one finds themselves a minority (well, actually worse than that; I was alone) in a community where most of the people can be described as either: (1) Closed minded, and / or (2) Of a certain bias, and ‘exceptional’ at shielding the holes in their arguments. Yesterday I found myself at the … Continue reading