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a lot easier to criticize

Isn’t it a concern how acutely accusative the western media culture has become? Putting aside the whole Leveson inquiry for a moment, isn’t it time to put a firm end to this obsession with exposing other peoples private affairs; piling pressure on young people to comform and be what they naturally are not, flaunting celebrity gossip in our faces, etc?

Nowadays, you can’t even name a single famous person who has not had their dirt littered all over the newspapers in some way, or to whom fame has not brought with it some negative publicity. Another question, how many people’s sex tape has propelled them to stardom, subsequently being named by some magazine as  sexy? A sex symbol? blah blah blah…

The two may be seperate themes but they are connected.

Its  as if fame automatically triggers some hopelessly bored journalists to begin searching for dirt in people’s lives, looking for anything that would taint or destroy a reputation, shadow the character or slightly defame the recently famous person. The result, the person becomes more famous!!

Sometimes the dirt is found quickly (whether the person in question conspired to achieve this or not is a different matter), at other times, it shows up years later; Sometimes it ends in tears, at other times, relationship splits and such like.

When did all this trashy conduct begin?

Are these people that unimaginative that they can’t come up with authentic news far removed from gossip and scandal?  And who wants to know whether you’ve posed nude before you found fame? Or whether you are legally evading tax? Or if you have ever done coke in the past?

Are these all not private matters, which should remain in private? It hardly is criminal, is it?

It all just feeds into the whole distorted outlook which tabloids have created. This great worthless vanity; a depravity of mind that somehow we are interested in other peoples private lives. That we should be interested in innuendo; feed our minds on the sexualisation of society….on scandal.

Which is why I kind of agree with Helen Wright that certain sections of  the media are guilty of glorifying women’s physical appearance, over their character, a fact which does nothing constructive to society, especially to young people. The message these people are portraying is that its ok to be sexualised; that women’s empowerment means one should aspire to have the brains of a retard, so long as they look like Barbie; That they can sleep around.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against fashion and women’s empowerment, and everybody has a choice what they do with their lives.But don’t you think there has to be some sort of balance and limits to things, some decency? I’m not naive, i know there would be problems because decency is a subjective issue.

Sadly, nowadays, even if you don’t want to hear gossip, you get it stuffed up your nose whereever you go. Its everywhere!!

Maybe I’m being critical, but how can you expect the young people to grow up to be responsible citizens (i.e. who are not on crack cocaine or cannabis, and who don’t want to shag everything on 2 legs?), and who contribute positively to your society, when all some media sources are doing is feeding their minds with news that is  accusatory, contains nothing but innuendo, hate, vanity and gossip (who’s doing drugs, whose split from whom; who’s having an affair; who’s had a gastric band / boob job…); And not enough of everything else essential for the construction of a balanced human being.

Remember Pink’s song “stupid girls“. Yup, that looks like the norm these days. This thing they are lying to everybody as being the “culture” aint cool. Its got to stop.

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One thought on “a lot easier to criticize

  1. I agree. Such shallow criticisms and trash talk make me want to forget about intellectual discourse and just punch them in the face.

    Posted by quetzalcotl | June 23, 2012, 6:52 am

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