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Hole on its sole

Photograph of a sport shoe. The logo have been...

Photograph of a sport shoe. The logo have been removed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shoes. Ah, shoes, how so very dependent we all are on them. Totally so, nobody (except the well meaning bushman who has no real need for them) has figured out a shoe-less existence (Whether you prefer yours  with shoelaces or not). Its not a problem and come to think of it we probably don’t want an existence without shoes. I mean, shoes are not exactly a menace, are they? To the contrary, they are functional, sort of essential ( for a momment lets put aside sci-fi thoughts of a wearable resin / material so strong it can double as pants and socks/ shoes)

A few weeks back, I noticed that one of my trainers has a hole on its sole. Its not visually visible and probably didn’t happen overnight, but I noticed my heel slowly getting wet as I walked on the very regularly wet pavements on my home city.

This is after being in active operation for less than a year. So, I’m ‘forced’ to source a new pair and what makes this state of affairs particularly painful is that the shoes were actually a gift I received from a loved one. A gift that temporarily put me off purchasing a new pair myself, one that would have lasted longer — if my previous shoe selection record is anything to go by.

When I received the pair, they were comfortable and looked trendy; nothing short of stuff of high quality. Yet, as has been clearly demonstrated by the invisible hole in the sole, to give out in less than a year, and wet my socks while I’m miles away from home, I must have been severely mistaken. Squarely deceived, as against all my expectations, the bloody thing has now forced me onto my ex-shoe; Essentially a dog to his vomit.

Although in all fairness, I have given it quite a run for its money (how ever much that had been). So much so that the hours it has endured in service have been significantly more than the ones the ex had to bear. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them,so I guess that counts  as a consolation.

One the subject of shoes, remember my post here on Louboutin?Yes, there’s a new chapter on the horizon, this time its in France and concerns Zara France.

Anyhow, on a totally different issue, found this rant on a blog post titled “likelihood of success”, of a guy justifying his reasons for stopping his sencond blog. While I currently know people who contribute to more than 5 blogs, this rant is worth a read if you ask me.



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