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Naughty Jessie

Will Loomis, a US artist and the guy behind Loomis & the Lust band, has filed a Copyright Infringement case against Jessie J. Loomis claims Jessies J’s song Domino infringes Copyright in his song Bright Red Chords. More about the case can be found  here. Related articles Jessie J facing copyright infringement lawsuit over Domino … Continue reading

Thirst for a kill

I like the idea of guns and that of a shooting range. If I am disposed to be wealthy, I’ll be mindful to own a ranch where clay pigeon (or bred quail) shooting facilities will be a feature. Mark my words. But what I just don’t understand is when seemingly normal people travel thousands of … Continue reading

On Purpose or For a Purpose?

On Purpose or For a Purpose?. [via LeadToday]

“Please God. Please make it stop.”

“Please God. Please make it stop.”. [via natasha smith]

Moody’s hanky-panky

The other day I managed to watch a screening of America has got talent. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing seemingly normal people (and a good number of abnormal ones) make such fools of themselves. Priceless. :-). The next morning, there was Lord Foulkes (Labour Cooperative) on BBC Parliament  debating with others in the House of Lords the … Continue reading

weight watchers waist watchers

The title of this post is probably an apostrophe away to actually making grammatical sense, if it doesn’t already do so. Think about it, if I say ” weight watchers’ waist watchers”, ( for a moment try and blank out the acquired / secondary meanings these words have in society, in preference to the ordinary … Continue reading

Should women …

Don’t ask how I stumbled onto this. Its cryptic. Letters to the editor, that part of a publication where readers can express themselves freely; with no fear, and no restraint, over matters they have read in previous issues of the publication; Solid subjective opinion, which can be both funny and shocking in equal measure,  especially … Continue reading

a lot easier to criticize

Isn’t it a concern how acutely accusative the western media culture has become? Putting aside the whole Leveson inquiry for a moment, isn’t it time to put a firm end to this obsession with exposing other peoples private affairs; piling pressure on young people to comform and be what they naturally are not, flaunting celebrity … Continue reading

Pioneered in Britain 3

” Setting oneself on a predetermined course in unknown waters is the perfect way to sail straight into an iceberg.” – Henry Mintzberg With the benefit of historical hindsight, humans can see things that should never have happened, or should have happened differently. This is true in almost all settings such that without the benefit … Continue reading

Clean energy

The master likes his shopping. So in tune is he with fashion that he will drive hundreds of miles, or endure endless hours on trains, or flights halfway across the globe just to get to the latest craze, be it a fashion show or otherwise.  It doesn’t always go to plan, and many  times he’s … Continue reading