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What my parents, religion and schooling didn’t teach me.

Human after all

Human after all (Photo credit: – tsumi -)

1. That the world was a right mess, and that there were too many people who continued to benefit from the misery of others.

2. That the philosophy of absolute equality at all costs is redundant, as there will always be interests based opposition to good intentions.

3. That many people have lied and become obstructive accomplices and passive observers to wrongs affecting entire races.

4. That even in non scientific phenomena, there is often a reaction to every action.

5. That human beings are unpredictable, some who appear as angels have devilish intentions.

6. That humanity’s obsession with its rules sometimes contributes to its limitations

7. That Evolution appears to some as much a guess as Religion faith, and that both have led to untold suffering.

8. That just as there is close to global consensus that Hitler did catastrophic wrongs, the proportions of which were extremely devastating, there are many other atrocious wrongs in the world today which we have not squarely addressed, and which we should be extremely wary of.

9. That there is great error in prioritising self interests above those of others. As has been seen in European and American history, the world would be more wholesome, more secure if our disparities were lessened.

10. That by far, an effective solution to almost all interpersonal problems is “love thy neighbour as much as thyself”.



One thought on “What my parents, religion and schooling didn’t teach me.

  1. Indeed, you have said it all and ended on a good note…”Love thy neighbour as much as thyself. But hey I leave you with a proverb that says “when crocodiles eat their own eggs,what won’t they do the flesh of a frog”?

    Posted by ThelisteningVoice | May 29, 2012, 1:47 pm

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