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Vampires in Angel’s clothing

Sometimes I’m genuinely embarrassed of being a homo sapien. And its not just because of my own shortcomings; wars or murder; nuclear weapons or everything else on the endless list of unpleasantries humans encounter from time to time.

Such is my abhorence of earthly conflicting existence that if there ever were a viable alternative, I would have pissed off this planet ages ago. Brings to mind lord of the flies doesn’t it?

Yeah well, 3 days ago, an elder gentleman who I know, and who i consider to be a friend shocked the hairs off my head, when he declared in broad daylight and without as much as an ounce of concealment, that ” Black people have a lesser intellectual capacity than their white counterparts.” He said everybody knew that “..the British were paedophile drunkards. You just have to take a look at the length of skirts they let their barely teenage daughter’s out to school in.” As for Black people, he said “..as excellent as they are at sports”, they were little more than “randy gay bashing criminals glorifying guns, drugs and bitches.”

These are the exact words he used, and I’m terribly sorry to have to replicate them. He went on that there were ” a few exceptions, uncommon blips in nature’s evolutionary accident.”

What a bunch of bullshit. OMMFG! This guy is in his mid fifties, and I have known him for over 2 years now. From what I know, he is as sensible as they come, has 3 grown up children, none of which are psychos in a drug addict sort of way. Infact he claims one of his daughters has never tasted alcohol. The man is intelligent and hardworking (works 7 days of almost every week); Generous, selfless, doesn’t drink much and although philosophical, he claims to be open-minded. Except for his aetheism (which I must say I have absolutely no objections to – we all have choices {and vices}) there is very little defining his character that you can pin against him.

Yet for the life in me, I could never have guessed that someone I thought I somewhat knew could utter such offensive and highly objectionable nonsense.

Granted, everyone is entitled to an opinion. But at what point does an opinion become one or more of (i) a dangerously slanderous statement (ii) ignorant rants (iii) misinformation (iv) propaganda / bigotry (v) …. even if in certain circumstances,  it has to be accepted that views which to some fall within these categories, may be held to be ‘opinions’??

His words reminded me of something one priest said on a sunday morning a few months ago, that “Racism was deeply embedded in British culture.” That day, i didn’t ask the reverend what he meant after that church service, but in light of this guy’s comments, I find myself wishing I had done so.

And what’s all this ‘paedophile drunkards’ nonsense? This is the guy whose catch phrase is “never assume things”.  But here he was making assumptions. And its not the first time. The other day he told me a gripping story that appartently exemplified general British attitudes towards animals, but that was arguably based on sereotypes and generalisations

About 30 years ago, when he was just a young man; One winter evening, as he left his local pub, he saw what appeared to be a homeless man leaning against a wall, clutching a bottle tightly to his chest. It was snowing heavily that evening and the snow was gathering on this man’s head, beard and over his outstretched legs. This poor soul beleaguered by alcohol, possibly drugs and god knows what else had very little regard for his own self, he didn’t even attempt to dust off the gathering snow. Instead, he just sat there numb, clutching at his bottle as if it were his life. This pitiful picture left such an impression on my friend, he vowed to use his money, whenever he could, to alleviate such suffering.On the day he saw this man, he said he was certain that had the homeless man been a dog or a cat, someone would have taken him in. But because it was another human being, nobody was bothered. Although I know many British people love their pets, obviously, this was an assumption. Also, I have seen stray pets in winter in the past, which nobody picks up.

If he had made some brief research, he would have found that the foundation of his comments to be racist propaganda crafted by “spin artists” tasked to influence society.

I must say I was grieved by the comments and unless he is willing to revisit his views and try to understand their origins, I doubt we will be friends much longer. In any case, I know he hasn’t examined the origins of such views, as he couldn’t provide a reference when I asked.

Never mind my dissappointments, but in 2012, when one Harvard drop out has amassed a personal fortune of close to $20 billion, isn’t it staggeringly scandalous that millions in our society continue to struggle with even the most basics of things in life, and all we can do is pay a blind eye, with the arrogance to dismiss their struggles as an essential part of life; an evolutionary accident, when in fact their plight today is a direct consequence of the atrocities committed by our forefathers (bundled by lies, religion and every convenient tool at their diposal then), over the last 200 – 500 years.



2 thoughts on “Vampires in Angel’s clothing

  1. I’m really liking your take on things – I’d like to comment on ‘about’ (but it’s not possible – did you deliberately veto that?), which I found very striking, and which has resonated in my head – I just love the dog thing. Yeah, that ‘friend’ seems a right dodgy ignaramous (have I got a right to say that here?)! Blimey, amazing what people can reveal unwittingly…scary…

    Posted by pegs=legs=who? | May 29, 2012, 6:02 pm

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