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Donkey Sanctuary

Ideally, people should use common sense to determine roughly how much load  (in terms of weight) would be harmful for their working animals. But in the real world, ignorance and misinformation tends to have the upper hand. For instance, I watched a  video the other day, of a middle eastern man praising his overworked and heavily laden donkey for being rugged and strong; “Strongest animal this one”, he could be heard saying mid way during the filming, as his beast staggered about forward, back overloaded with sacks of god-knows-what.

Surely, I thought, there must be some law in these parts, that said “thou shalt not abuse they ass”, so as to prevent such outright animal abuse. After a brief check, there was no evidence (at least not on-line) that suggested even mildly as to the existence of such legislation, which probably explains why our middle eastern chap was gleefully overloading his persecuted beast, and filming the ordeal.

Ok, I must admit that there would be more than just a few inherent difficulties in enforcing such a law. Who gets to police it, the farmers, who themselves own donkeys, and will from time to time, need their animal power? In any case, where does one even begin in re-educating their masses,  farmers and villagers in countries such as Ethiopia, Pakistan or China; warlords, or even the taleban,  to disregard age old “wisdom” and practices which their forefathers wisely prescribed, as to how much luggage (or in this case lethal baggage) was okayish for their Ass, and instead begin to treat  it as a being worthy of dignity, consideration and care?  Surely, you couldn’t possibly be expected to make much progress in a country where mothers abandoning infants is a widespread practice?

What about tertiary education you may say, provided in hospitals, schools, places of religious worship? Well, maybe, its doable, but if you ask me, you probably have a better chance in addressing the problem with establishing an independent private sanctuary such as this, to clean up the mess such abuse leaves behind. Although, come to think of it, shouldn’t we first try the tertiary education approach with the baby abandonment issue before we begin to think of the donkeys?



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