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Ideas – addictions, nursing theory and Impartiality


Complications (Photo credit: ~FreeBirD®~)

When i woke up this morning, I had 3 ideas I wished to explore.Unfortunately, its taken until just now to get to it.

Root Cause

Root Cause (Photo credit: catatronic)

The first idea was about addiction, in particular, the  notion that some people find themselves addicted to things or practices (be they booze, drugs, sex or otherwise) as a biological and psychological coping mechanism, and that while the practice itself may be morally wrong, destructive, … (or according to others demonic) the root cause may be a lot more complex than first appears.

The second idea was that of ‘catching up’; following primarily from a 20th century nursuing theory I encountered a few months ago, that suggest that if a person is left behind in a certain context, it follows that due to a myriad of factors, its extremely difficult for them to catch up with the rest. I’m interested to explore whether such a theory could be applied broadly to other aspects of life.

The third idea is not really an idea, but relates to impartiality in commentary, including blog posts. This is the one I feel inclined to begin with.

As commented here the other day, I usually post stuff that I don’t necessarily agree with. Inspiration from discussions with other people, books, tv; personal observations, frustrations .. the list is virtually endless.

Yet as a ball park figure, I would estimate that maybe 35% – 40% of the posts on this blog do not represent my true standing on the subjects concerned.

So you may ask, why post it, if you don’t agree with it?

Well,  isn’t it the case that if you want what you write to partly reflect the diversity of viewpoints surrounding you (whether those viewpoints are in song, word or picture), then you are going to have to reflect views you don’t necessarily support? This is in contrast to a scenario whereby your immediate surroundings only emanate a particular bias or flavour on subjects of concern.



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